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1.7.9 Update!

[Owner] novaldemar a posted Apr 9, 14

1.7.9 Update!

We are completely up to date. Enjoy updating and joining without issues! 

[VIP+] atmount Change name?? Like our actual minecraft accounts name?
[VIP+] __DK1__ i wanna change my name to __NOTFROMDENMARK!__
[Emeral] PhilShmil I might change my name to -=Shmil=- :3 it might be something better -shmil's army

Top Voters

[Owner] novaldemar a posted Apr 4, 14


Creative Pre-Beta Testing

If you were a top voter you should be whitelisted onto creative. If your whitelist failed (ie because your enjin name is not your MC name contact Novaldemar ingame. Creative Architects should also contact me for whitelisting. 

New Features On Creative: 

NOTE: Some are not gonna be available when we launch the beta as we are testing the basics and fixing these issues before adding more things like the open free build worlds ect! 

1. Bigger Plots - All the worlds have been replaced with much bigger plots sizes

2. Automatic Ranking - No more waiting to get approved for a rank up Builder and Planner ranks are directly achieved by play time of 12h and 48h respectively. 

3. Simpler Ranks: Rank SubRanks (I, II, III) have been removed to make the system simpler to navigate. Your ranks from the old server have been updated. If you were a planner you are getting a promotion to Constructor. Builders and Members will get ranks according to their playtime and the dedicated ones should get a promotion to planner pretty soon as their old playtime does carry over! 

4. Purchase Plots with Vote Points: We are making the system of getting more plots simpler. By playing on the server you will get access to a number of plots for free simply by playing. After that however you have to buy ranks via web-points in the web-points shops or donate to get more ranks. 

5. Donation Ranks: Creative now has its own donation system for all you guys who wanted to help support the server but didn't find playing on towny to be your thing! Donation Ranks give access to much bigger plots and eventually special open landscape custom terrain worlds too. We will also give various commands including things that: Ease Navigation, World Edit, Better Environmental Control, and much more! 

6. Special Theme/Topic Worlds: For you who are interested in Medieval and Redstone we are creating special worlds just for you that will be bared from the general population. To unlock access to these you must purchase it via use of the Web Point Store. Notice that these worlds and more we will create later will enforce a theme. If you don't follow it you will be bared from the world. 

7. Unlockable Project Worlds: We will be adding special Project Worlds for build teams that develop on our Topic Worlds - These include a Medieval Co-Op Build world that will have a custom environment, theme, lore and will be targeted towards very serious and talented builders who particularly are interested producing RiseMC PMC and Youtube content.

8. Competition World: We have a special competition world that will make joining and entering competitions easier than ever before! No more worrying what plot to delete to enter a competition. Also seeing what everyone else is building is gonna be easier than ever before! 

9. New RiseChat System: We are introducing the new /risechat system - Its a way to much better choose what channels you are in and who you are listening to. If you dont want to hear everyone you can just choose to leave that channel for a while 

10. New RiseWarp System: Another feature soon coming to all the servers. Its a much simpler way of moving between worlds. There will still be portals and gates but this will be for every day use and let you simply move from one world to another with ease! 

11. Lots, Lots more... I just cant remember it all! 

Old World: 

If you are a constructor on the New Server (ie Planner on the old server) and you have a planner plot that you need to have brought over because it was something you were in the middle of please mail me on enjin. Also if you have a Youtube series/PMC post about any build on the old server and you feel its very good and would be worth saving contact me and we may make an exception! 

Notice that bringing over builds from the old Planner World is at our complete discretion as to when its gonna happen. Please understand that we are very buys right now. Im sorry to all players who are lower than Planner, its just not possible for use to process hundreds of builds right now. If its something you hold dear and must have please contact me after the full real creative release happens in a few weeks. 

CREATIVE // Top Voter March 2014

First of all, thank you for all the votes, helps us a tonne to get players onto the server! As a thank you to the top listed voters we are gonna be giving away $10 Donator Ranks on the new creative server to all the people who were top voters (list to be posted below in about an hour). 

They will also be added to the test whitelist and welcome to come join us for a little while in advance to hopefully help me iron out any last kinks. I hope to start testing this weekend with the final infrastructure being put in today. 

After that Creative will go live for the rest of the players. Donator ranks will come live for those who want to support creative a bit later as we are working out a issue or two with our World Edit safegaurds (found a bug or two that needs fixing by the dev :) ). 

Anyways Ill post some more info on what exactly the donator rank is and who the 20 winners were! 

PS VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, if you start today you stand a good chance of winning the next months tournament! We are gonna try and keep up with good prizes so you guys feel motivated to Vote!


Le List (A little late...)


[DiaVIP] XxITALYBOYxX This sounds awesome, cant wait for all of this to come out and for me to test for, sadly I cant take screenshots of my r ...
[VIP] smeagelriffic yeah im kinda on the whole, its cool and all but a bit of a waste for me, train. I still love the server and will keep v ...
[Member] Tyguy6a84 Who are the other 5 top voters? The list only shows 15....

Network Update

[Owner] novaldemar a posted Apr 3, 14

Network issues:



[Owner] novaldemar a When I know something you will too ...
[CMod] Ancalandar Raven Do we have an estimated time when the updates and fixes will be finished? But YAY to fixes.

New Trial Helpers!  

Congrats to the following for becoming new Helpers! 


We are starting doing a Trial Helper system for all new candidates. They will get a period of 2-4 weeks where they have an asterix by their name. During this period they will be tested on their knowledge and activity and will eventually have the prefix removed or asked to reapply later. This we hope will promote more people to take the endeavor seriously and increase the general knowledge of helpers. It will also allow us to give more people a chance on the job as we have more ability to remove candidates who don't work out. 

New Helpers!  

On that note we are pleased to say that Ben12345rocks is now a full Helper! 

[Helper] katupkate Falcon Congrats and welcome to the team!
[CMod] Ancalandar Raven Congratulations everyone.

Minecraft and The Speed of Light

Completely off topic but I was procrastinating some server work when Nio sent me this... 

Well worth a look I think! 


[Member] Tarinoth So then our characters in Minecraft are two blocks tall, which makes them about 6 foot 5? Give or take the rounding. Now ...
[Member] jacob_a_w very informative video i liked it
[SMod] NioPullus I did what with the what? Oh yeah, this.
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