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Server is back!

[Owner] novaldemar aStaff posted Sat at 12:59

Server Update

Server was down for about 10 min while I did a few fixes! 


[Member] Volkaire Any reason my votes are not being tallied on the web points nor in game? I vote all six but I only get 2-3 web points. ...
[Owner] novaldemar aStaff Fixed ...
[Member] Snipe2k5 I still cant get on (( ...

Possible Server Issues

[Owner] novaldemar aStaff posted Aug 18, 14

Minecraft Bukkit Takeover

As you may or may not know there is a lot of gossip going around with the news that Bukkit will now be developed by Mojang core team instead of how it has been so far. We are obviously monitoring the situation. It is however unfortunate that, like with the EULA changes, Mojang is failing to communicate properly with the community, and making planning for updates and the future harder and harder. 


More info can be found: 

(Original Post by EvilSeth who has been a lead developer on Bukkit so far) 

EvilSeths Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvilSeph

Md_5 Twitter: https://twitter.com/md__5 
(Lead developer of a bukkit expansion project - His code by all accounts was heavily influential in Mojangs previous Netty update) 

Dinnerbone's Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/Dinnerbone
(Mojangs Game Developer) 

Mojang's Website: https://mojang.com/ (Nothing on the subject as of posting) 
[Member] RibbedTickler One thing to keep in mind is that Mojang knows that trying to enforce the current EULA would be a nightmare and very exp ...
[Mod] ds9peacekeeper StaffDiamondVip From what I can read, Mojang bought Bukkit over 2 years ago, but the staff are only finding out now.
[SMod] Birkey_Bear aStaffDiamondVip Hang in there all, we will get through this together>

RiseMC, now on Twitter!

[SMod] Omniblast aStaff posted Jul 3, 14
Hello friends!

Today we've decided to take a step out to social media as a form of sharing information with you guys. This will be done through Twitter, you can follow us at @RiseMinecraft for news about what's going on the server.

We'll try and keep it as updated as possible, if you have questions or suggestions please mail Omniblast here on Enjin or PM us on Twitter and we will get back to you when we can :)

Hope you have a nice day,
Best Regards, Staff of RiseMC

[Member] MagnumD I think this is a good idea for the server although I don't have tweeter or even Facebook. Btw when is top voter coming ...
Ninja Of Spiderfart im not much a tweety bird, but that sounds like a good idea. i like good ideas!
[Helper] matthew01491 StaffRedstoneVIP Thank you very much for putting this together guys, i am sure to have a look! ...

Hi guys, I've sorted out the mini shop and it's now available to the public again!
If you find any problems with it (incorrectly linked signs, incorrect skins) please report it to me.

I've also updated our Staff Hall of Heads to avoid confusion. 
Btw, if you're a staff member and you want your nickname/message changed for the Hall, please send me a mail on the website! 

Happy Sunday!

Edit: I've also fixed the firework shops at spawn. <:^D
[Admin] ShmoopyDoo aStaff Yes, it's located directly behind the PVP pit ^^
[Helper] Absol1991 Staff There is a hall of heads for staff? Y u no tell me dis?

Web Shop Up

[Owner] novaldemar aStaff posted Jun 27, 14

Web Points

The Web Point store is back in the new Mojang Approved "No money for server hosting" way! This means you will be allowed to once again spend your web points on things like God Armour and disguises! 
New players- Remember you must have your Minecraft character linked to receive webpoints from voting!

For more information on how to link your MC character to enjin, please see this thread:

[T] smeagelriffic V.I.P. and 250 WP is still close to 2 full months worth of voting, so a rank every couple months...
[T] smeagelriffic V.I.P. True it wouldn't work with the current "donation" system. The mention of the system changing that way is only ...
[Helper] matthew01491 StaffRedstoneVIP Have a point system for the DONATION ranks would be pointless, Nothing would be donated to the server. The server wouldn ...
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