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Teamspeak Update

[Owner] novaldemar aStaff posted Feb 24, 15


Teamspeak Server



Teamspeak Server has added more fuctionality:

1. More channels

2. More Games

3. Guest Channels for your friends till they get ranked up

Let me know if there is something you need when using it. 



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TeamSpeak Information

[Owner] novaldemar aStaff posted Jan 3, 15

Teamspeak Information

Lots of  people have sent me mails over the holidays about how Teamspeak works now that the Minecraft Server has shut down. I will just post a bit of information on here about it so people can see it rather than mailing me! 

Questions & Answers

1. "You have a teamspeak Server? What is that and why should I care?" 

The teamspeak server is up and running - You can connect with ts.risemc.com - TS is basically like Skype but instead of adding individual people you join a server and don't have to add people individually. Its therefore safer to use with people you don't know personally. You have to download the appropriate TS3 client to connect to the server. 

2. "I joined and I'm not a member, what do I do?" 

If you are not a member on Teamspeak then you will not be able to do much once you connect. If you hang around in the Entry Channel for a while TS Staff will eventually notice you and ask you for your connection to the server. Just explain you came via Rise and its normally wont be a problem. 

2.5 "I used to be [Insert Staff Rank] but Im not anymore WTF?" 

Because we are not running a MC server anymore we no longer need as many staff as before. If you are not active or part of the community on TS you may have lost/may loose your rank in a reshuffle of ranks. Nothing personal just us trying to keep the list of active people up to date! This reshuffle may mean you lost your rank completely, if so just wait around till you get a rank in the entry channel. 

3. "Can I bring my friend, Bob/Bobetta to the TS3 server?"

Sure as long as He/She is polite and generally doesnt cause problems 

4. "Can I use it with my friends to play on my [insert game here] server"

Yes, just dont cause issues and its fine. You may need to contact our TS staff if you have many people coming online who need promoting. (Look for swords next to names) 

5. "Why arn't there like 20 people online all the time on the TS3 server anymore?" 

Because we dont run any official servers. People who pop on are normally our personal friends. some times of the day no one will be online, other times more. We keep the server up because its a useful forum for our friends to play any number of games. You make it what you want. 

6. "I want to run an event or get in touch with people who want to play 'this or that', will you help me?" 

Depends on what you want to do, how much work you are doing with it and what you need done. Most people on TS are up for testing out stuff or playing things. We on occasion play steam games together and host private servers. If you have an idea get something rolling and Ill see what I can do! 

7. "The forums arn't being used any more how long will the website be up" 

Originally we thought we would close it down over this holiday period but because of some interest in having a page to organise events I set it up for another 3 month period. After that we will have to reevaluate. 

8. "Can I buy the RiseMc website and/or domain for 20 dollars, some string and a few old buttons because I want to start a server and having 10,000 people on a mailing list sounds like a great way to start advertising?" 

No, stop asking. Im not selling the server network page to support some kid's weekend hobby. Also I don't accept string or buttons for payment. 

[T] KCSlaya53 V.I.P.+ So... there is no way rise is coming back? WHiiiiiiiii!?!?!?!?!
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Star Bound Update

[Owner] novaldemar aStaff posted Dec 19, 14

Hey everyone! 

Just wanted to wish you all a happy holidays and to remind you that you are all welcome to use the Teamspeak for what ever you are up to nowadays! If you need permissions for an account you can either hang around in the entry channel till a mod sees you or mail me on the forums here with your id and ill set it up! 

Lastly, as you may know Starbound is having a major update coming in January. If you have the game and want to play with a few friends ill be hosting a small private server you can mess around with once the game goes into a stable release. Just a fun thing to get together with old friends. 

[Owner] novaldemar aStaff Im currently abroad but when the stable version is released we will set up a server.
[T] jusman43 IronVIP Is it up right now?
[T] goldsoul205 GoldVIP Deal ...

TeamSpeak Issues

[Owner] novaldemar aStaff posted Dec 1, 14

If you are having issues connecting to the Teamspeak server its because of some work the host is doing. Remember there are currently a few different ways to connect to the server. 

The best and updated way is ts.risemc.com - We will route that one to the correct path. 

Should that not work at all you can try: london3.teamspeak.net:18643 - This is the direct IP to the host. It may change should the host migrate systems or should we change host. 

Should you have and problems or issues you can mail me on enjin. 


So the day has finally come...
Today RiseMc shuts its public server network to the world. This has been a very hard decision for all the parties involved. While we hope to keep the community forums, Teamspeak, and other side projects up and running, we understand this is a new phase in our collective project. I like to think its the end of an era, and not the end. 
There are other good servers out there. I'd like to think none exactly like the one we made together, but if you are interested in playing on bukkit servers I'm sure you can find your way. 
Please guys take the opportunity to use the forums and the teamspeak's to stay in touch. Communicate what you are doing, where and what you are playing. Over the next few weeks I intend to do some work on the Teamspeak server to make it more compatible with a wider gameplay interest and to make it easier for players to bring their friends onto the Teamspeak. 
Id also like to take this opportunity to give thanks to a few people. 
First and foremost to all our amazing players and donators. You guys have spent hundreds of hours giving creativity and enjoyment to me, the staff, and everyone involved. With nearly 10,000 people on our enjin, I am honored to have been a part of your lives. The internet is the great equalizer. All ages, all classes of people, races, and social groups are equal. I have met 12 year olds who have become core members of our staff and people I deeply respect and I have seen adults act like children. I have been amazed, challenged, and bewildered every step of this process. You guys have made it worth it every step of the way. 
Id like to particularly mention a few players for their achievements. Firstly, AndrewBryer, Jackthegamer, Utugateg, SirBlockhed, and SuperUltraJimmy for being the top 5 on McTop. The top money holders on the server; IrxProductions (6.6 Million), Wolflover (3.2 Million), AndrewBryer (again 2.9 Million) and Roadhouse (2.1 Million). All the members of the 3 largest towns; Roosterville (1600), Wonderland (1161), and Dorchester (1078). 
Id like to thank all of our amazing staff. I am so incredibly proud and grateful to all of you. For some of you this may have been your first experience with professional-esque teamwork. For our adult staffers it was just routine. All of you have shown levels of responsibility, teamwork and excellence that goes far beyond your average gaming community. You have worked so hard, put in so many hours and have made this community what it is. I wish all of you the best of luck in your lives. I hope to stay in touch with as many as I can via the teamspeak and forums and will gladly do what I can to repay this immense debt. 
Because of length constraints, and the fact that I'm long winded on a good day I will not mention you all by name. I would however be remiss if I did not thank two people especially. Dracoling may not be the a name you have seen as much involved on the server. He was however instrumental in getting RiseMc out of the baby age of small server hosting and onto the platform we used for the last year or so. As a professional networking expert Dracoling helped move us onto the Linux Servers, organized the bungee-network backend, wrote the trans server promotion software. What I may have been for the plugins on each sub server he was to the boring invisible backend of things. It was a role that did not get as much credit in the eyes of players as it deserved and I am forever grateful. 
ShmoopyDoo is a name long term players will know. She was a jack of all trades overseer on the server. I can honestly say without her most things would not get done. She would harrass me to sort out shit, fix problems build improvements and deal with a meriad of staff related issues most players never saw. She is a cornerstone of the community, a good friend and I can assure you RiseMc would not exist without her. 
Lastly, I would like to give recognition to another group which players on servers do not notice and many times the credit for their achievements gets usurped by server owners and their staff. I am talking about the countless developers, programmers and other people who's code we rely upon. As RiseMc used over a hundred plugins naming people by name is impossible. In fact, many of our core plugins are famous and widely used and made by many people. Three people do however stand out. AHellHound, Siguza, and DarkBlade are three people who's work has been instrumental for the server. Their plugins made RiseMc special. They have all written and rewritten their plugins based on our requests, and simply out of love of coding. They, and many like them are the unsung heroes of minecraft communities. 
I wish you all the best in the future. 
Thank you,
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