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Possible Server Issues

[Owner] novaldemar aStaff posted Aug 18, 14

Minecraft Bukkit Takeover

As you may or may not know there is a lot of gossip going around with the news that Bukkit will now be developed by Mojang core team instead of how it has been so far. We are obviously monitoring the situation. It is however unfortunate that, like with the EULA changes, Mojang is failing to communicate properly with the community, and making planning for updates and the future harder and harder. 


More info can be found: 

(Original Post by EvilSeth who has been a lead developer on Bukkit so far) 

EvilSeths Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvilSeph

Md_5 Twitter: https://twitter.com/md__5 
(Lead developer of a bukkit expansion project - His code by all accounts was heavily influential in Mojangs previous Netty update) 

Dinnerbone's Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/Dinnerbone
(Mojangs Game Developer) 

Mojang's Website: https://mojang.com/ (Nothing on the subject as of posting) 
[Member] RibbedTickler One thing to keep in mind is that Mojang knows that trying to enforce the current EULA would be a nightmare and very exp ...
[Mod] ds9peacekeeper StaffDiamondVip From what I can read, Mojang bought Bukkit over 2 years ago, but the staff are only finding out now.
[SMod] Birkey_Bear aStaffDiamondVip Hang in there all, we will get through this together>

RiseMC, now on Twitter!

[SMod] Omniblast aStaff posted Jul 3, 14
Hello friends!

Today we've decided to take a step out to social media as a form of sharing information with you guys. This will be done through Twitter, you can follow us at @RiseMinecraft for news about what's going on the server.

We'll try and keep it as updated as possible, if you have questions or suggestions please mail Omniblast here on Enjin or PM us on Twitter and we will get back to you when we can :)

Hope you have a nice day,
Best Regards, Staff of RiseMC

[Member] MagnumD I think this is a good idea for the server although I don't have tweeter or even Facebook. Btw when is top voter coming ...
Ninja Of Spiderfart im not much a tweety bird, but that sounds like a good idea. i like good ideas!
[Helper] matthew01491 StaffRedstoneVIP Thank you very much for putting this together guys, i am sure to have a look! ...

Hi guys, I've sorted out the mini shop and it's now available to the public again!
If you find any problems with it (incorrectly linked signs, incorrect skins) please report it to me.

I've also updated our Staff Hall of Heads to avoid confusion. 
Btw, if you're a staff member and you want your nickname/message changed for the Hall, please send me a mail on the website! 

Happy Sunday!

Edit: I've also fixed the firework shops at spawn. <:^D
[Admin] ShmoopyDoo aStaff Yes, it's located directly behind the PVP pit ^^
[Helper] Absol1991 Staff There is a hall of heads for staff? Y u no tell me dis?

Web Shop Up

[Owner] novaldemar aStaff posted Jun 27, 14

Web Points

The Web Point store is back in the new Mojang Approved "No money for server hosting" way! This means you will be allowed to once again spend your web points on things like God Armour and disguises! 
New players- Remember you must have your Minecraft character linked to receive webpoints from voting!

For more information on how to link your MC character to enjin, please see this thread:

[T] smeagelriffic V.I.P. and 250 WP is still close to 2 full months worth of voting, so a rank every couple months...
[T] smeagelriffic V.I.P. True it wouldn't work with the current "donation" system. The mention of the system changing that way is only ...
[Helper] matthew01491 StaffRedstoneVIP Have a point system for the DONATION ranks would be pointless, Nothing would be donated to the server. The server wouldn ...
Important Changes to the Server

This is a long post. I'm sorry for it being so but I feel its important. If you have the time please do read it as it pertains to an issue which is very important to RiseMC. 


1. Donation Shop Temporarily Closed Due to EULA Policy Change
2. People who have donated will continue to have their perks 
3. Server will continue to run, we try to bring the donation system back if the EULA Policy is altered to allow it. 
4. The server is currently fine for money. 

1. The Problem In Depth

Today Mojang, the makers of Minecraft, elaborated on a policy change concerning their EULA or End-User Licence Agreement. This boring sounding document basically says what you and I as Minecraft Users can and cannot do with the Minecraft program we got a licence to use when we bought the game. We are all bound by it and Mojang can take legal steps to enforce it. 

The change in policy is basically; Mojang is now going to start to enforce a clause that prohibits anyone from monetizing (receiving money) from the use of their product, Minecraft. Until now this clause was never enforced with regards to servers. 

Up onto this point, I have been watching the big arguments about the EULA with only a cursory interest. The first few posts mostly concerned for-profit enterprises, huge server networks not smaller communities like ours. It also seemed like the rules would be flexible to allow servers to still use existing rank structures and item purchases, just not allowed to exploit players from them. 

Mostly people cited the sorta "pay money to get yourself unbanned" schemes many big servers run were always going to be shady and lead to very odd conficts of interests for Admins. Mojang saw the few bad eggs in the server market as a big problem and decided to fix this issue. 

Today however I think a big section of the minecraft community became very concerned about the changes. Basically, Mojang doubled down on a very strict approach to how servers are allowed to raise funds. What mojang is saying is (in my words): Its ok to ask for money to host your server, you just have to follow our strict rules. 

"So I'll just tell you right now; you can charge for purely cosmetic things. Nothing that affects gameplay." - Notch

Here is a link if you want to read it yourself: 

They go as far in other text to say no buying things like TNT or diamonds or in game money. You cant do it. Commands or other convinces are strictly not allowed to be given to donators. 

This basically means that our VIP-DiamondVIP Rank system, God Items, Creative Worlds and Ranks, everything is in violation of the new policy. Violating the policy will result in a warning and then legal action. 

I am sure many servers will ignore the policy and continue to accept donations as is. There are thousands of minecraft servers and Mojang can hardly go after them all. However I do not feel it is right of me to accept money from people at this time since there is so much still unknown about how this policy is going to work. 

I will make this clear though. As far as is possibly, we have no intention to remove peoples access to current rewards. Honestly I would not be surprised if there arn't more exceptions made to the current EULA. 

My Opinion on the proposed EULA change

This is based on the limited information currently provided. Please do your own research. 

In general

The proposed changes I think are ineffective at accomplishing its proposed purpose and will devastate servers ability to: (1) finance both current hardware and expand, (2) establish confidence for players and staff in its long term prospects and (3) support large industry server leaders who provide innovation imitated by downstream smaller servers. 

What is wrong with the model? "If you have a good server people will pay for it even if they dont get anything for it. "

Welcome to the dawn of Minecrafts version of Wikipedia approach to sourcing money from people.

"If you find it in your hearts to please support us! You get a nice sticker to put on your vest." 

There is a reason why Wikipedia freaks out each year and asks for money. 

The honor system works great for charities supporting dying children, less well for Minecraft servers. If you have a big huge base of users like wikipedia it may work well too. I have some experience in this as well I started dealing with server finances for another server I played on a long time ago now. Small server player bases cannot finance even remotely as effectively under the Wikipedia model.  Oh dont get me wrong, I have no doubt that a few servers can survive off a policy like this, its just that the amount of money that is possible to collect dramatically decreases. 

Why should this matter? Well the costs for running a minecraft server are still the same. I know how it is to start out a small server for the first time. We started with a small 50 dollar a month server. I had a loyal player base already when we started and yet I still remember how much I second guessed going to a 100 dollar a month server. Now we operate 2 server boxes, and has spend upwards to 1000 dollars a month on advertising during winter months when a lot of staff were free the manage the large numbers of players we had online. 

We have never had any issues raising money for this project. You guys have been great. We have never had to go and beg people to buy stuff. We dont spam your screen with buy buy buy messages like some servers do. We do small promotions when we think its a good idea and we try to keep things balanced. 

I want to make this particularly clear. We have been very careful about balancing on the server. Originally, I personally have played as vip+ for a period but for the last like 9 months or so my alt has been a Regular. Shmoopy and Dracoling had the same choice and to my knowledge have been somewhere between free-25 dollar donation ranks on their accounts. 

I stand by that our ranks and donation system is fair. I think Mojang has overstep the mark. IRXProductions who is currently Top of Baltop by a mile refused his donation money on point of principle. People who want to make money can. We have very much adopted a policy of pay for convince. If you want a god sword you can vote for it. If you want it directly you can help us pay for the servers we run and the developers we have hired and the advertisements we buy. The kits, the money, everything ranks got for donating get donators a head start. But what towns became successful and interesting had very little to do with what rank the players had when they got them. 

For me this comes down to a point of principle. My brother Malf55, asked me a few weeks ago to look into hosting a DayZ server. I refused even hosting a small 10 people one for friends because the producers gave strict instructions for how a server must run. They dictated how banning should work, who can do what, when and where. I dont think its the business of Mojang to say how a server decides to monetize. I think they should be happy that there is a strong dedicated community of server owners who do their best to make sure there is a good online environment for people. 

As you may know Mojang did make an exception for YouTubers from having to pay Mojang a cut of ad revenue from their videos. Notch said no. In this case they arnt saying that people who spend hours upon hours doing work for a community cant ask for a donation to pay for server fees. They just say you cant do it in any way that actually means it can be sustainable. They are tying our hands completely and forcing us to use a model that is completely foreign to how we have run things for over 2 years. 

It is the sad arrogance of Mojang to suggest they know what is best for this community simply because they make a game. They have never been to this server, they have never met its players and now they are saying that the way we raised funds to sustain this place is wrong. Shmoopy, Dracoling and Myself are apparently evil exploitative people who should obviously be doing this stuff and still on top of that worrying at the end of each month if we are gonna raise enough money. 

What does it matter if some big servers sell ranks for up to a 1000 dollars? There are watches for several thousand dollars. You don't buy them. Kids see expensive stuff for sale everywhere, if a child is motivated to steal their parents credit card information to buy a Pepis at a local shop, you don't see the Pepsi Company coming to knock on the doors of your 7-11 because they got an angry phone call from a parent.

The new approach is top down and heavy handed. It will only lead to less development and less innovation in the community. I have been happy to buy advertisements for upwards to 1,000 dollars a month over December to March because we could sustain it easily. I was planning on spending a similar amount for the rest of the summer but with the current worries over how we can raise funds in the future this is not as simple a calculation any more. 

The problem is Mojang doesn't have the resources to effectively enforce its own policy. They already have a super man they can rely on, it's called the Free Market.  If servers are bad and exploitative people will leave them, not donate. If servers are fraudulent, there is both consumer protection measure and police that are well equipped to handle it. If a server is successful and gets money Mojange should let it continue and let the community who feel its in their best interest to finance it continue to do so. Instead of this policy Mojang should provide its users with information about how to combat fraud and abuse using their existing rights. 

In the end even if its enforced, bad servers run by corrupt admins wont care about the EULA. Mojang cant sue them all. Yes we could ignore it too, but I don't know where this will end right now. There could be more regulations coming and to be frank my career choice as a lawyer doesn't exactly let me blatantly ignore contracts I've agreed to. 

I hope that more clarity will come on this decision in the next few days. I do not intend to remove the ranks. I also do not intend to start a BS donation scheme a la wikipedia with a fancy title and that's it. We have money to sustain ourselves and when more is clear we will attempt to look at a way to bring our ranks back for purchase. 

In the end, this is a hobby for me. Its something I do for fun and I allow myself to spend as much time as I do on it as long as it doesnt affect my real life negatively. I cannot in good faith continue to accept money to run the server based on the new policy. I know this might be overly cautious and most other server will be less concerned. In the end you got to act in a way that lets you sleep at night. If in two-three days we get the all clear the donation store will be back. Until then I will be closing it so noone makes another purchase under the old pretense. 



What can you do? 
1. Stay informed about the EULA debate. Keep an eye on Mojang.com and posts made from the twitter feeds of the major people involved (see Mojang's page for their information). 
2. Do NOT go messaging Mojang about it until a) we all know more about the change b) you have read several sources about it c) you have read the actual text from Mojang about it. - In fact you are probably best not messaging them as I'm sure they are getting overwhelmed with angry comments already. 

I will grammar check this tomorrow so until then enjoy my mistakes :) 
[Member] CelestialMonster hey, what if teamspeak doesn't let me connect to host, what am I doing wrong?
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