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So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

In every tale, there must be an end. It seems that we've arrived at the end of this tale... at least for now.

Due to the waning interest and increased obligations on the part of most of our senior staff, as well as the kerfluffle in the community in general (loss of Bukkit and many plugin developers being a big one) it has been decided that RiseMC will be winding down operations at the end of this month.

Final festivities will be planned, the Teamspeak and forums will continue to operate and be available for the forseeable future. We'll be hanging around and playing games together for a long time. Who knows, maybe Minecraft will get it's shit together and we'll do that again too.

Thanks for having fun with us, stay tuned for the Party at the End of the Universe!

~ dracoling

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[SMod] NioPullus Staff Hey guys, Dr. Phill here. I wanted to say my goodbyes as it seems like as good a way to conclude my experiences as a mem ...
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[Member] 16Asinaso whywhy why why

Spigot TakeDown

[Owner] novaldemar aStaff posted Sep 6, 14


There is a discussion about a new Bukkit/Spigot project replacement called Sponge


However there is very little information currently about it. Development time will probably be longer than we normally expect between Minecraft cycles and the extent to which existing plugins like Towny, McMMO ect, will be compatible is not know. It seems very likely that these plugins would need to be rewritten completely if the API is changing. 

We will try and keep you guys informed although remember their is very little information on the project as it was just proposed about 24 hours ago. 


Bukkit/Spigot DMCA Take Down Notice

This is probably the most serious issue for the continuation of RiseMc and the wider Minecraft Server community. More information is provided below so do your own research.

For those of you who don't know we use a Bukkit mod called Spigot to run our servers. Thus it is very concerning to see that a Craft Bukkit developer Wesley Wolfe (Wolvereness) issued a DMCA request for Spigots code alleging copyright violations. This has effectively halted distribution of the Spigot and Bukkit Project and is a serious concern to the entire Minecraft Community.  

This is a very serious issue and may very well mean the end of server networks like RiseMC for good if Bukkit no longer is available. 

I can easily attest that running this network would not be possible without Spigot or the great work done by md_5. The fixes Spigot makes over Craft Bukkit are essential to a server running smoothly as numbers of players increase. That is not to mention the fact that md_5 and co. have been extremely helpful and supportive via IRC with what ever BS issue I ran into while messing around on the server. 

I strongly suggest you read some or all of the links below. Sk89q's link is especially informative. 


Spigots Main Page


Spigots Response to the claims: 


Bukkits Take on the Takedown:



Mojang's Response to the claims: 



[Member] Jockastar So the story is basically Mojang bought Bukkit Project > Wolf didn't knew about them buying the project > Leaves t ...
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RiseMC Lottery!

ShmoopyDoo posted Sep 4, 14

Hey guys! It's time for a good old fashioned lottery! I'll be picking a number between one and ten thousand (using a random number generator!). The Lottery will be going on between now (Thursday, September 4th) and Saturday, September 13th. 

There's $200,000 ingame money total to be won, with 10 lucky winners getting $20,000 and a unique item! 

For more info/rules, see the post here:

Fine to Update to 1.8 now! 

NOTE: If you are having issues connecting you can downgrade to 1.7.10 and connect to the server. 

Remember there are no 1.8 blocks on the server yet. That will take a lot more time for developers to sort out. Some parts of the server may not work during this period of time. 


We will be setting up a 1.8 test server that you can play and test the features in 1.8. A portal will appear in spawn when we are ready for it. Enjoy the Wabbits! 


[T] silversoul1010 V.I.P. Shhh I'm hunting wabbits!!!
[Member] Amarrek it keeps saying i don't have access to this area ? help please
[Member] Jockastar NOVA Please please please add the Guardian in the 1.8 Shop! I want it as a pet and for my aquarium!

Server is back!

[Owner] novaldemar aStaff posted Aug 30, 14

Server Update

Server was down for about 10 min while I did a few fixes! 


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